17 BEST BEARD STYLES for MEN in 2022

A beautiful well-groomed beard can distinguish a man from the crowd, making his image unique.

The desire to compensate for the shortcomings of appearance, to give the face a more masculine expression, to win popularity among girls – these are the reasons why men begin to grow facial hair. At the same time, they face a difficult choice, because it is difficult to find a suitable image. The design of the beard depends on many factors. To choose the right style, in addition to fashion trends and personal taste, pay attention to the shape of the face. And don’t forget that it looks different on you.

Face Shape
Face Shape

We will make for you a selection of the most popular and visually winning beards, which occupy the first places in the tops of 2020 and will definitely be displayed on men’s faces!



This is not a type of beard, it is rather the best option for people who prefer minimal hair care in the morning.

clean-shaven-beard-styles  clean shaven


Face Shape: all face shapes.

How to Grow:  take your razor or machine (disposable, electric or cartridge), just shave off all the hair on your face!

Beard care is a very serious business, so the first, practical, and fashionable type of beard at all times is its complete absence.



This is a peculiar type of facial hair, representing an intermediate stage between a beard and a clean-shaven face

Stubble is always in fashion. This trend is supported in 2020, so you can safely choose this type of vegetation. You can’t miss it if you combine stubble with a fashionable haircut.

 The stubble can be short, medium, or long


 Short stubble

This style is very easy. It looks like a man’s beard, and at the same time neat.

short stubble                stubble-short-beard-styles

Face Shape: all face shapes.

How to Grow:  it is enough not to shave for 2-3 days.

To maintain this length, which does not pass into a full beard, you will need a trimmer. Every morning, trim the length of your grown hair, and the stubble will always look well-groomed.


 Medium stubble

If you don’t want to trim short stubble often, you need to grow medium stubble.

stubble-long-beard-styles                    stubble medium


Face Shape: all face shapes.

How to Grow:  do not shave, and on day 4-6 the hairs will reach approximately 3 to 5 mm in length, and that’s it!

Perhaps it will look a little untidy, but with proper care, it will make the image look masculine and solid. Make sure that your beard does not extend beyond the cheeks as well as the neck area, so shave these areas. Have a good trimmer at home, as you will use it several times a month


 Long  stubble

It’s almost a beard.

stubble-long-beard-styles    stubble long

Face Shape: all face shapes.

How to Grow:  do not shave for about a week or two until the beard has grown to 6 mm.

Long stubble, compared to short and medium, is quite difficult to maintain. This is due to the fact that you need to carefully cut your hair, especially those that are located on the cheeks. Make sure that you have removed accidentally grown hair with a razor or trimmer. It is advisable to make adjustments every 2 weeks. If you do not adjust the length in time, then your appearance will resemble the appearance of a tramp.



The classic beard is common in the culture of almost all peoples. It does not go out of fashion and is combined with any style: from casual to formal. The length of such vegetation depends on the tastes, preferences of the owner, as well as on the characteristics of his body. This option is suitable only for those who have thick hair-it is important that there are no bald spots.

full-beard-styles classic beard

Face Shape: Diamond, Triangular, Inverted triangle.

How to Grow:  after the “long stubble” stage, you need to go through a couple of weeks of “carelessness” and, after 4-6 weeks, the hair will reach the desired length. Then carefully shape it using a razor and special scissors

Maintaining the beauty of the beard will require more time than the serious skill of the Barber. Care includes washing, combing, and periodically cutting the hair to the desired length.



One of the variants of the classic beard is the “French fork”.

french fork beard  french fork beard

The beard and mustache grow at the initial stage as well as the classic one, but the lower part of the beard that has already grown out is divided in two, which resembles a two-pronged fork. The contour is quite stylish due to the presence of two blades. Thanks to its unusual shape, it got its name.

Care and shaving are the same as for a Classic beard. And by the way, this is a very fashionable style of beard.



The next variety of classics – “Ducktail”.

ducktail-beard-styles         duck-tail

This is also a beard with a mustache, grown on the classic principle. The tip, instead of a smooth rounded beard or two fork teeth, is given the appearance of a triangle, like the tail of a duck. To understand the styling technology, imagine that you already have a beard of the “French fork” type, only when you are styling your hair in the morning, you do not divide it in two, but on the contrary, bring it into one.

This style is popular with many media personalities.

Care for such a modern variety requires a lot of attention — it must be trimmed, trimmed, and carefully designed so that it does not lose its shape. The inverted triangle will remain a bright trend for a long time.



A rounded beard in the usual version does not have sideburns and clear lines on the cheeks.

A good option for office workers with a dress code: a neat and well-groomed beard fits into a strict official style. A great compromise between the desire to stand out and the need to adhere to official rules.

circle-beard-styles        Hugh-Jackman

Face ShapeRound, Oblong

How to Grow:  the cheeks are smoothly shaved, and the beard is given a round shape by a special trimmer.

You may initially need the help of a Barber to make the perfect circle shape. After that, it remains only to trim the haircut once every 3-4 days. Hair in this natural form grows less noticeably, which will allow you to look neat for longer.



No wonder numerous actors and singers choose this kind of beard: it looks stylish and brutal. The most popular style of Hollywood beard – Brett, has become an inseparable attribute of foreign stars. It has a soft smooth transition from the hairstyle. The hair covering the lower part of the face joins the mustache around the lips.

holllywoodian beard style   Viggo Mortencen

Face Shape: Oblong, Round, Triangular.

How to Grow:  mustache and beard must be connected to each other. The vegetation ends at 1 -2 centimeters below the center of the cheek. The other border is just above the Adam’s Apple. It is important not to let the hair grow below it, as it will look sloppy.

To maintain an ideal image, you will need a high-quality trimmer or Barber services, since “Brett” does not allow the excessive length of bristles.

Hollywood vegetation hides imperfections of the skin and is easily modified. If you carefully shave off the hair on the lower jaw, you can get a goatee.



It is difficult to confuse a goatee with other types of beards. This small rounded island of stubble in the center of the chin is worn by many celebrities and just looking after themselves men.

This beard will help hide possible flaws on the face, emphasize a strong chin, cheekbones. A goatee without a mustache is often chosen by men who have hair of the lower part of the face that has a different direction of growth or flowering.

goatee-beard-styles   goatee beard

Face Shape:    different face shape.

How to Grow:  all facial hair is removed, except for a small wedge-shaped area under the chin. If the beard is long enough, it is often called a goatee. The width may vary, but the free area around it remains unchanged. Thus, the contour of the lower lip is not completely hidden by hair.

Someone likes to wear a beard only in the form of a thin strip under the lower lip, but more often it is combined with an elegant mustache and even with sideburns.



A form of beard named after a Flemish painter and master of court portraits Antoon van Dyck (1599-1641). The image of van Dyck is romantic and attractive for many women.

This version of the beard requires the presence of a thin mustache, which does not pass into other vegetation, exist independently, in the center – a narrow wedge-shaped beard.

van-dyke-beard-styles      van dyke beard

Face Shape:     Men with a thin chin

How to Grow:  wait until the beard grows to the size of a long bristle, and then use a trimmer to draw the beard. Shave all the hair on your cheeks, neck, and temples. Don’t touch your mustache. Shape the hair in the chin area so that the beard and mustache resemble the letter T. Allow the hair to grow freely until it reaches about two inches. Now we need to separate the line of the mustache from the beard and the tuft of hair under bottom lip you need to gently shave the skin, not touching the beam. With scissors and razors, the mustache is shortened, but so that it has the same pointed shape as the beard.

At home, this is not difficult to do, but in order not to look funny after a haircut, it is better to give the original shape in a barbershop, and then trim the mustache and beard at home.

Hair care will require the acquisition of skills to accurately and symmetrically shave the contour of the beard.



This haircut is named after the ship’s anchor because it is similar to it.

The beard runs along the entire length of the chin and joins in a thin strip under the lower lip. The mustache does not connect with the beard. And whether they are needed is up to you. The cheeks, neck, and temples must always be shaved.

anchor-beard-styles    anchor beard

Face Shape:    Square, Triangular. Sharp cheekbones

How to Grow:  At the first stages of beard formation, you should contact a barbershop to get the most accurate shape. You will be able to take care of yourself in the future.



For the first time, this haircut was demonstrated by the military and political figure Italo Balbo. The model got its name from his last name.

balbo-beard-style                 Robert-Downey-jr

Face Shape:    Square, Triangular, Round.  Men with a thin chin.

How to Grow:  do not shave for about a month if your hair is growing normally. To create a thin contour, you will need to use a straight razor. With a regular or electric razor, only the excess length on the sides is removed.

The most important thing in the design of this beard is symmetry and accuracy. Chiseled corners and thin joints require a lot of time to shave.



Friendly mutton chops are also called sideburns or side whiskers. The term “sideburns” came from the name of Ambrose Burnside, a famous American Civil War General.



Face Shape:    Square, Round.

How to Grow:  grow sideburns and mustaches until they join. Shave the hair on the chin to the lower lip area. You can let the sideburns grow even more so that they become fluffy.

The most famous image in modern cinema that bears such a composition is Wolverine. Fans of historical films can easily name several characters who wore such a composition



The famous author of “La Traviata” and ” Rigoletto.”, Giuseppe Verdi, an Italian composer, left a mark not only in the world of classical music but also in hairdressing.

He wore a round-shaped beard with clean-shaven cheeks and a voluminous mustache curled at the ends.

verdi-beard-style              verdi-beard-style

Face Shape:   Triangular

How to Grow:  the length of the hair cover should not exceed 10 centimeters from the lower lip, and the mustache should be carefully combed and maintained in perfect condition. By standards, they should not extend beyond the corners of the mouth by more than 1.5 centimeters.

For care, use a trimmer, oil, and beard combs.

Gives gallantry to any man.



Another commander who left a mark on the hairdressing art is Giuseppe Garibaldi.
A broad and thick beard, which is combined with a neat mustache. The case when the beard can be a little disheveled and careless.

garibaldi-beard-style           garibaldi beard

Face Shape:   Oblong, Rectangular

How to Grow:  The hair grows for about four months. A small adjustment requires a mustache. They should not dominate the face. Using scissors, the lower part of the facial hair is rounded. The optimal length is 12 -18 cm.

This style does not require additional stylistic assistance as the beard should look natural.



Long and luxuriant vegetation wherever it grows on the face, neck. If you do not want to shave for a long time, you can always say that this is the Bandholz style.

The style is named after Eric Bandholz, who one day quit his job because the management forbade him to grow a long beard. Today, Eric is the owner of the world-famous men’s cosmetics company Beardbrand.

bandholz-beard-style  bandholz beard

Face Shape:   Rectangular, Oblong, Diamond, Triangular, Inverted triangle.

How to Grow:  you can grow such a beard in at least 5 to 8 months. All this time, the hair is simply washed and combed. After about 7 months, you can start to trim your beard and mustache a little, so that they are cute and neat. Or you can do nothing and leave everything as it is.

The beauty of This Bandholz beard style, unlike others, is that you can give it complete freedom!


We are waiting for your comments! Write us a few more trendy beard styles that we should add to this list.

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