How Many Drops of Essential Oil to Put in Diffuser?

Gone are the days when, in order to enjoy the aromas of your favorite oils, you had to throw them into a burning candle or spray them around the room by hand. Now there are beautiful and affordable aroma diffusers for this purpose.

If you have an ultrasonic diffuser, you might be thinking about how many drops of essential oil to add to the diffuser.

All things considered, you would prefer not to add a lot to your diffuser and over-burden yourself. You additionally would prefer not to include nearly nothing and not have enough smell saturating the air.


aroma diffuser

Side Effects of too Much Essential Oil in the Diffuser.

You should remember that natural essential oils are very concentrated and have a strong smell. and it gets even stronger when you add a lot to your diffuser and it starts working.

This exposure to the more grounded basic oil scents can really cause a couple of issues for the individuals who inhale them in. The issues can deteriorate if the individual has sensitivities or hypersensitivities to the oil’s aroma itself.

The most widely recognized side effects include:

  • Dizziness
  • Eye irritation
  • Headaches
  • Respiratory tract irritation
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting


What to do if too Many Drops are added to the Diffuser

When you switch your diffuser on, it won’t take too long to even think about realizing that you’ve included an excessive number of drops of basic oils. Nothing wrong. This is easy to fix.

Pour the contents of the diffuser’s water tank into a glass container. And now all you have left is to dilute the mixture with a large amount of water and pour it back into the aroma diffuser. If a strong smell persists, the device can be turned on after a few hours.


Preparing the Diffuser for operation

The video shows how easy it is to prepare your aroma diffuser for operation


How Many Drops of Essential Oil in Diffuser

Ultrasonic diffusers are produced in several sizes in increments of 100 ml. The smallest of them are designed for 100 ml of water. The recommended rate of use of essential oil: three to five drops per 100 ml of water. You also need to consider the size of your diffuser and its location in the room.

Using this table, you can easily calculate how many drops you need for your aroma diffuser

the number of drops for the aroma diffuser of different sizes

When you use a diffuser when you add oil try to follow the rule “less is more“.


Using this standard as a guide, it is better to start with one or two drops, gradually adding as much as you would prefer and allowing the size of the space. Most likely, you will get a light and persistent flavor, and not get wet. The strength of your oil will also play a role. A number of essential oils have more well-founded aromatic profiles than others.

How long will a bottle of essential oil last?

Given the considerable cost of base oils, the question arises: “How much will it cost me to use an aroma diffuser?” By looking at the table above for drops calculated for the volume of the water tank, given how large your room is, you can estimate how much dispersion your bottle will last. The table shows the number of drops of essential oil depending on the volume of the vessel.

the number of drops of essential oil and the volume of the bottle.


Blend essential oils in a diffuser

When added to the diffuser, essential oils can be mixed. Their composition depends on the goals of aromatherapy that you want to achieve.

For example:

  • A blend of lemon, citronella, tea tree and clove essential oils to purify the air;
  • To increase the immune system and resist seasonal diseases, the dispersion of essential oils of eucalyptus, frankincense, cinnamon, fir, and grapefruit is suitable;
  • It is known that lavender helps to relax and improve sleep. For the same purpose, use sage, rosemary, mint, and Bay oil;
  • Essential oils of bergamot, orange, Basil can improve emotions and mood, energize for an effective working day.

lavender helps to relaxbergamot, orange, Basil for an effective working day lemon, citronella



All you have to do is find a combination and aroma that suits your needs.

When purchasing essential oil, be sure to pay attention to its quality! Using low-quality oils can cause you to have a negative reaction.


Every basic oil may act or feel in an unexpected way. Accordingly, consistently start with lower dosages and at exactly that point include more drops! Appreciate the benefits of aromatherapy and smell!


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