How to apply cream foundations?

We all dream of a healthy and uniform complexion. If your skin is far from ideal, because of which the Foundation falls unevenly, highlighting all the shortcomings — this is not a problem, because there is a unique product on the cosmetic market a cream foundations. With this base, the skin will get a well-groomed and radiant appearance.

What is Cream Foundation?

Previously, the cream foundation for makeup was used mainly by professional makeup artists in movies and theater. However, due to the rapid development of the cosmetic industry and technologies such as contouring, the foundation routine has become popular and is used by ordinary people.

Manufacturers offer us a wide range of such products, so there should be no problems with the choice.

But you need to understand what Foundation is and what the Foundation is used for?

Makeup base – a basic tool that is applied before all other cosmetics, and it is intended for the following:

 smoothing out skin irregularities;

 perfect alignment of its surface;

 masking defects;

 make-up resistance. With a good foundation, it will last for a whole day.

A good Foundation will easily cope with these tasks. It is similar to the canvas primer that artists use before painting a picture.

With the base, cosmetics perfectly fit on the skin and hold very firm. The Foundation will cope with greasiness, porosity of the skin, pigmentation, redness, peeling, pimples, and many other problems.


Why is Cream Foundation so Good?


Perhaps the biggest drawback of liquid and pressed or loose powder foundations is that they are very difficult to assemble in just one place. Just when utilized together do they will in general have an even application on the face.

This is not the situation with cream bases. This type of Foundation remains exactly where you put it.

In order not to be mistaken for cream powder foundations, cream foundations require their own technique.

For cosmetic strategies such as contour, cream foundations are undoubtedly the best solution. Some other kind of foundation will no doubt move or even slide across your face as you relive your day.


What are the Disadvantages of a Cream Base?


The cream base has many advantages, but it also accompanies two or three disadvantages.

First of all, the Foundation has a heavy formula. You should spend more time to apply this type of Foundation.

Moreover, regardless of whether this product is good or not, the cream will sit firmly on your skin. So this is actually not the best alternative for standard use. This is usually saved for unusual cases.

In addition, it is very important to note that if you have problem skin, this type of Foundation may not be exactly for you, as it can set them off. There are other types of Foundation that are suitable for huge pores or skin covered with scars from skin breakouts, but this is most likely not a cream!


Three Ways how to apply foundation


Applying makeup base on the face is slightly different from applying a normal Foundation because the base is not only a decorative but also a caring part of makeup. There are several ways to apply the base:

  1.  Finger application. Coverage will be light or medium.
  2. Application with a special wet sponge (beauty blender). The coating is light.
  3. Apply with a makeup brush. The coverage will be medium or dense.

You can choose the best option for yourself based on the General condition of your skin and the problems you want to mask.


Нow to apply Foundation with Fingers

Many people prefer to apply the cream with their fingers. This is the easiest way.

1. Apply a little cream foundation to the back of your hand.

how to apply foundation with fingers 1

2 . Use the tip of your middle finger to get wet in this “puddle”. Apply the cream in different points to the middle of the forehead, cheeks, nose tip and chin.

3. With your middle and index fingers, blend the cream in a soft circular motion, stroking, or lightly driving in. Start with the forehead. Go to the nose and chin. Then on the cheeks. Around the eyes, shade the cream by patting the pads of your fingers.

how to apply foundation 3 with fingers

Wait a few minutes for the cream foundation to dry. If there are any specific areas that need additional masking, apply another thin layer of cream to them. But keep in mind that not every cream foundations is able to perfectly hide obvious flaws, for example, acne.

Professional Makeup Artist

Avoid dipping your fingers into the cream foundation. For hygiene reasons, remove the cream foundation from the container with a clean spatula and place it on a palette.


How to apply Cream Foundation with a Brush

If you have dry skin, apply the liquid cream foundations with a brush. For thick cream foundations, use a brush is not recommended.

In the video, you can see how a professional makeup artist does it


How to apply Cream Foundation with a Sponge

For those with oily skin, the most suitable way to apply cream foundation is by using a makeup sponge. Since applying with your fingers can add extra fat, and using a brush will not be able to achieve a sufficiently smooth coating.

1 Moisten the sponge with normal or thermal water and lightly press. Thanks to this, the cream will fit better and will not be absorbed into the sponge.

2 Dab a modest quantity of foundation on the sponge and afterward utilize short strokes to get even coverage.

3  Smooth the sponge over your skin until you get the coverage you need.

The video clip shows step by step how to put on cream foundation  with a makeup sponge


Using the Right Technique

1 Preparing the skin for applying the base

 Cleansing. Use a mild foaming cleanser to wash away makeup residue and dirt that has accumulated in the skin during the day. This will help the pores clear and release less sebum. Lightly wipe your face with a tissue and immediately proceed to the next step.

 Toning. Use a cotton pad to apply a facial tonic to your skin. It will help the pores close and strengthen the exchange processes in the cells of the epidermis. The tonic activates the absorption of useful substances by the skin, preparing it for applying the cream. If you wipe your face with a tonic immediately after washing, without waiting for the skin to dry completely, the moisture will “seal” in the skin, making it soft and velvety to the touch.

Intensive nutrition. Spray your face with thermal or flower water and apply a thick layer of nourishing mask. Hold the mask for the right time. Rinse with water, Pat with a napkin, and apply the tonic again.

Hydration. Apply day cream to your face (patting along the massage lines). If you are taking a course of serums, first apply the serum, then the cream. After 10 minutes, your skin is ready for makeup.

2 Warm-up a bit of cream foundation in your hand.

Warming the foundation in the palm of your hand helps it to go on smoothly

3 Perform movements along the massage lines, going from the forehead to the chin.

The movements should be patting. Apply the Foundation cream to the sides of your nose and spread it over your cheeks. Then directly over your nose, spread it over your forehead. and finally on the remaining parts of the face, such as the chin. Follow the same method of slowly spreading the base around the edges of the face to ensure even coverage.

4 Mix well.

Regardless of how you apply the cream foundation, try to mix it well. Go over regions where you applied the foundation on numerous occasions to guarantee that the foundation is all around mixed. At that point, check in the mirror for any splotchy or inconsistent regions and mix these regions varying. A magnificence wipe or your fingers are both extraordinary for mixing the cream foundation.


Basic errors when applying the base

All professional make-up artists know perfectly well how to apply the Foundation under makeup, just to emphasize the advantages of the skin, but if you are not an expert in this field, you should know the main mistakes of using a tone corrector. We offer a small overview of the most common errors.

  • Often a woman applies the Foundation to the skin of the face in the same way as the usual moisturizer. Squeezes the product out of the package on your fingers and begin to RUB vigorously all over your face. This is absolutely not allowed! If you do not apply the Foundation correctly, it will fall on your face in spots and instead of a healthy and even skin, you will get a painful image.
  • Do not apply the base immediately after the moisturizer! If you apply the base under makeup before the day cream has time to be absorbed, you risk getting a dirty greasy Shine instead of a matte and even tone.
  • Fear of applying an extra amount of Foundation can lead to the opposite result – the insufficient base layer. With a small amount of the product, it is difficult to blend it on the face. Again, you risk getting a spot instead of an even tone.
  • When trying to correct the complexion, the woman applies the Foundation to the skin in several layers. To give the skin a tan tone, you can use special tools, since the excessive application of the base under makeup will only lead to slovenliness.
  • Do not use expired products if you do not want to get an allergic skin reaction. Remember that almost any makeup base is stored after opening the package for no more than a year, and then in a cool place.


makeup artists

To make you happy with the result of makeup, follow these tips from makeup artists and cosmetologists:

Tip 1. Remember about personal hygiene. To prevent infection, do not let someone else use your tool.

Tip 2. Cotton pads and makeup sponges should be changed at least once a month. Brush and sponge regularly treated in the soap solutions.

Tip 3. When choosing a foundation routine, consider the type of your skin. If it is greasy, do not buy a product based on oils.

Tip 4. If you are prone to allergic reactions, pay attention to the composition of the base was not flavorings.

Tip 5. before using the product, perform an allergy test. Apply a little base to the inside of your wrist. After three minutes, look at the reaction. You can safely use the tool if there is no irritation, itching, peeling, and other negative reactions.

Tip 6. it is better to choose a base that has the ability to protect the skin from the sun.

Tip 7. before applying the Foundation, apply a moisturizer to the skin, especially if the skin is dry.

Tip 8. Do not forget to always carefully remove the foundation before going to bed: hydrophilic oil is perfect for this.

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