How to fix a cracked nail bed: home Hacks and in the salon

Neat nails adorn the hands of every woman and are one of the components of their impeccable image, therefore, a broken nail is a big nuisance.

This can result from your nail getting captured on something or being engaged with a finger injury.

Genuine breaks can likewise harm the nail bed and nail lattice, where the cells that make up the nail are created.

In case of the cracked nail, do not rush to cut the broken section and align all the other nails to its remaining length. There are many proven ways to correct this situation using the most common means.

Let’s talk about nails and more and see what you can do to fix a broken nail yourself at home, without visiting a beauty salon.



Several Option Нow to fix a broken nail at home

Repair a broken nail makes sense if it is cracked no more than 1/3 of its length. Otherwise, the repair will be short-lived


Option №1  Tea bag

This can be done with an ordinary tea bag made of thin fibrous paper. By applying this material to the damaged nail plate, you can hide all the resulting defects. The result is not inferior to salon techniques that use silk coating

  1. Remove nail Polish Using a cotton swab dipped in nail Polish remover,. Be careful not to catch your nail on the cotton swab, move in the direction of the split.
  2. Cut a rectangle from the package with a shape sufficient to cover the broken area of your nail. The coffee filter material may also be suitable.
  3. Apply a layer of high-quality base coat to the plate and let it dry.
  4. Attach the cut piece and smooth it out, eliminating blisters and lumps.
  5. Apply the next layer of base coat to the nail.
  6. Remove excess cellulose from the edge of the nail with a nail file.
  7. Apply a protective coating or decorative color varnish.

Note: If you continue to apply the base coat and Polish the affected nail every week, the tea bag can inevitably be polished. For this situation, you will have to apply another piece of tea packaging until the broken piece of the nail grows back.


Option №2  Fingernail glue

Sometimes, you can utilize fingernail glue (commonly used to attach nails or tips) to reattach up the broken part of your nail.

  1. Thoroughly wash and dry your hands.
  2. Lower the finger with the damaged nail into warm water and hold for 5-7 minutes to soften.
  3. Apply special glue to the nail and spread evenly on the surface using an orange stick (you can also use a toothpick).
  4. Press the broken piece of nail gently but firmly onto the area where it broke off for 1-2 minutes until it stays attached.
  5. Remove excess glue using a cotton swab or Q-tip.
  6. Use a file or buffer to make the smooth out the nail, producing the procedure only in one direction.
  7. Apply a slim layer of defensive covering, (for example, a thin layer of clear nail polish).


Option №3  Powder Fill

This is another one of the lists of common methods that has also received the approval of many professional nail artists.

    1.  Thoroughly wash, dry, and are properly sanitarized your hands.
    2. Apply BASE over the cracked nail, dip it in the powder Fill, while it’s still wet. Brush off excess.
    3. Continue this process a few times (waiting for each coat to dry in between) until you’ve created two or three layers on top of the crack.
    4. Apply SEAL PROTECT to the entire nail. Buff your nail with a block buffer. Wipe clean with alcohol. Wipe dry with coat thin wipe.
    5. Apply protective or decorative nail Polish.


Option №4  Tape

Нow to fix a broken nail without glue? If the damage is small, you can seal the problem area with a special patch made of natural fabric or paper plaster. This repair is applied to any cracks on the side of the nail, along the “smile” line or along it.

  1. Cut out a little bit of clear tape, for example, Scotch tape or blessing wrapping tape, sufficiently large to cover the messed up zone of your nail.
  2. Using tweezers, connect the tape to your nail with the goal that it covers the whole torn or broken zone. Press it down tenderly to ensure it’s solidly fastened to the nail.
  3. Use nail scissors to trim off any extra tape around the nail.

How to fix a chipped nail

Chips are significantly less genuine than a tear or break, and they’re effectively dealt with at home.

  • If the nail is chipped at the tip: trim the remainder of the nail tip down until the whole tip is even.
  • If the nail is chipped below the tip: trim the nail down and apply a little bit of tape, paste, or tea bags material on the chip to assist it with becoming back uniformly.
  • If the nail is chipped on the side: wash the region with spotless, warm water, delicately pat dry, apply an anti-toxin balm, and spread with a swathe or bandage and clinical tape.

Нow to fix a broken nail in the salon?

If the nail is broken, it is best to consult a specialist. There are several methods of salon restoration of damaged nail plates.


Sealing nail by wax

  A procedure with the following steps:

  1. Plate design and sanding.
  2. Removal of dir.;
  3. Applying wax.
  4. Treatment with nourishing oils.

Apply decorative nail Polish is allowed not earlier than 20 minutes after the end of the procedure.

Sealing is not only a recovery process after nail damage but also a revitalizing process after nail extensions or contact with chemicals.

Strengthening with fabric and paper

It is performed by several actions. The procedure is necessary to fasten an already broken nail or to strengthen it.

To strengthen the nail plate, you will need several actions:

  1. Polishing.
  2. The application of a transparent varnish or adhesive composition.
  3. Gluing a piece of fabric.
  4. The application of fastening means.

Attention!  When strengthening with paper, applying varnish is not recommended.


What to do if the nail is broken off to the meat?

To restore the nail, broken off to blood, it is better to consult a specialist


If the nail is broken off very much, you must immediately treat it with any antiseptic. It is very difficult to glue such a crack on your own. It is better to contact a competent and experienced specialist in the salon.

The repair procedure is performed after the removal of inflammatory symptoms and the complete healing of open wounds of the nail plate.

Professional restoration of such a failure involves the use of special bio gels. They contain proteins to restore the nail structure, as well as protect the chip site from infection.

Some bio gels are dissolved by contact with detergents and acetone. Therefore, after such treatment, when washing the floor, dishes, you must wear rubber gloves.


What causes nails to break?

The structure of the nail plate can be broken for several reasons:

  • long-term contact with water;
  • exposure to high and low temperatures;
  • Negative effects of ultraviolet light;
  • frequent contact with chemicals: nail Polish remover, household chemicals, decorative lacquers, and gels, etc.;
  • using low-quality nail care tools;
  •  improper cosmetic procedures: extensions, manicures;
  • mechanical damage.

All these circumstances lead to the drying of the leaf plate, which makes it brittle and brittle.

Also, the condition of the nails can be caused by several factors:

  • insufficient intake of vitamins and minerals as a result of aggressive diets or improper nutrition;
  • chronic stress;
  • regular fatigue;
  • fungal disease;
  • hormonal disturbance;
  • psoriasis;
  • pernicious habits.

Attention! Despite the fact that the cuticles seem unattractive and spoil the aesthetic appearance of the nails, it is not recommended to trim them.

Tips to prevent nail breakage

To keep your nails in good condition, follow these recommendations:

  • cut in one direction, so that cracks can be prevented;
  • do not cut it too short to avoid ingrowing nails into the meat;
  •  massage your hands regularly;
  •  steam the nail plates before the manicure procedure;
  •  daily eat meat and fish dishes, herbs, vegetables, and fruits;
  • wipe your hands thoroughly after contact with water;
  •  use only high-quality tools and materials for nail care.

You can maintain your nails in good condition not only by following the necessary rules but also by using the services of specialists. Salons offer the following procedures:

  • applications made of wax or paraffin;
  • Spa or aromatherapy;
  • Japanese manicure;
  • ultraport;
  • sealing;
  • Biogel.

Such procedures should only be performed by trusted specialists.


Healthy and neat nails indicate not only the neatness of a person but also the state of their internal organs. Therefore, you need to regularly take care of your body, consume as many vitamins as possible, and give up bad habits. It is quite difficult to prevent nail damage, but if it has already happened, it is necessary to approach this situation correctly.

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